iwrite.4.life Product Overview

iwrite.4.life system
ifood™ nutrition monitor plugin $39
iwrite word processor plugin $19

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iwrite.4.life is a very flexible system for the various needs of serious journal writers. After almost ten years of experience with its predecessor - i*write™ - we have written a completely new software based on all the customer feedback we have been receiving.

We have recently decided to let you decide how much you want to pay for iwrite.4.life if anything and we will gladly accept your PayPal donation. We also offer iwrite.4.life extensions for purchase. So have a look and decide for yourself what you want to do. We value you you as a customer in any case.

iwrite.4.life screen shotThere are many enhancements in iwrite.4.life but the two major improvements are its modern easy-to-use user interface and its plugin architecture.

So why should you care about "plugin architecture"? Because you can start today with the basic iwrite.4.life system and add special-purpose plugin modules as your journal keeping needs and interests develop.

The iwrite.4.life system literally grows with you for a life-time.

Read on below for more details or, better yet, get iwrite.4.life now (free). And if you already have ideas for your favorite plugin, don't hesitate to let us know.

What you told us you wanted...

  • A journal writing system with simple-to-use but powerful text editing and formatting capabilities at an affordable price
  • Even more ways of structuring and navigating stored information
  • A modern-looking user interface
  • Keep the "try-before-you-buy" model and the policy of extending the trial period if needed; provide journal data to download and test the software with
  • A system that is extensible with additional and specialized record-keeping features as the user sees fit. For example, how about add-ons for nutrition monitoring or exercise planning?
  • A price policy where you don't have to make an initial decision which version to buy and may wind up either paying for functionality it turns out you don't use or having to upgrade later with a price penalty

...and what you get with iwrite.4.life

  • The iwrite.4.life system for basic journal-writing needs comes with standard text editing and formatting functionality.
  • The iwrite.4.life system is all you'll ever need for keeping a simple journal of written daily notes. There are no different editions so there is no need to decide which one is right for you. On the other hand, this basic system serves as the platform for all extensions that you may later want to add.
  • You will be able to extend iwrite.4.life along two dimensions - Plugin modules and tools. Plugins add specialized record-keeping functionality to iwrite.4.life while tools are used to access and navigate the stored journal items in different ways. Both plugins and tools work seamlessly with an existing iwrite.4.life installation - once downloaded and installed, iwrite.4.life will automatically know about the new functionality and you'll be able to use it without any complicated setup.
    • Here is an example for a plugin: Let's say you want to develop and follow a certain nutritional regimen. You could of course take free-form notes with the basic iwrite.4.life system but wouldn't it be much more convenient if iwrite.4.life could add up calories and nutrients for you automatically and give you statistical reports at the push of a button?
    • And here's an example for an additional tool: You may eventually outgrow the built-in categorization structure in iwrite.4.life (called topics and info types). Wouldn't it be nice if you could build your own arbitrary classifications and assign your journal items to them?

How does iwrite.4.life compare to i*write™?

The basic journal writing functionality is almost identical. Like i*write, iwrite.4.life lets you write your notes on daily pages, just like a paper journal. Unlike a paper journal, iwrite.4.life always has enough space for entering more information later on and will let you modify or even completely erase entries without a trace.

If you want the information in your journal to be kept private, iwrite.4.life encrypts everything when it stores your entries, and you can also use passwords to control access to the journal.

No need to worry about where the information may be stored, as iwrite.4.life keeps all the information securely in one place.

iwrite.4.life uses the latest database technology, ensuring quick access even with thousands of entries.

With iwrite.4.life you format text just like you do in your word processing software: you can use different fonts, text styles and colors, and you can structure your text using indentation and bullet points.

On every daily page in your journal you can have as many topics (used to be called categories in i*write) as you like. Simply choose a topic from the built-in list or choose your own, and a new tab is created at the bottom of the day's page. In addition to topics, iwrite.4.life now has so-called info types as a further subdivision. You can use topics and info types any way you like (iwrite.4.life has no preconceived notion what they mean) but a useful interpretation of info types would be to view them as types of media. For example, you might have a topic called project 1 and beneath this topic you could collect as different info types all emails, minutes of meetings, notes etc. belonging to project 1. This would make it easy to search or browse through all minutes regarding project 1 without being bothered by project 1 emails or notes.