Recent improvements in

May 2012

Current version

The current version as of May 22, 2012 is 4.1.522.851. Use Help > Check for Updates to automatically find and download all current versions of platform, plugins, and tools.


There have been several under-the-hood changes that are not immediately "visible" on the surface but have been necessary to improve performance and to enable new types of plugins. One consequence of this is that older versions of plugins and tools may no longer work with the 4.1 platform. However, checks the plugin versions installed on your system and lets you know if a newer version is required. We have released updated versions for all plugins and, since they're not major releases, you can download them at no cost.

Improved the start-up time.

Reduced size of setup packages.

New plugin

We have released the ifood™ nutrition monitor plugin for the platform. You can download ifood here and buy it here.

Bug fixes

Fixed some minor bugs related to the Auto-Save function.

Menu Tools > Search Index > Delete did not work: fixed.

Renaming the active InfoType did not work correctly and resulted in confusing results (possibly renaming wrong items): fixed.

The display of number of items in journal on the journal content tool was not correct: fixed.

Right-clicking on an item's time displays a context menu. Selecting Add Item should have offered to add an item of the same ItemType but it didn't: fixed.


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