i*write and iwrite.4.life compared

Editions and pricing

To simplify things we have gone back to a single edition (No more Standard and Plus editions) and what's even better: iwrite.4.life is now free! You can get the full unlimited version at no cost. For prices of iwrite.4.life extensions check out our product overview.

Looks and technology

iwrite.4.life has been completely rewritten in C# and .NET and the user interface style and color scheme have been updated to resemble modern office applications.


There is a separate article about the new architecture of iwrite.4.life but you may ask "What is it to me"? In a nutshell, we have built a software architecture that enables you to extend the basic iwrite.4.life system with additional plugins as your interests change or your needs develop.

Features and handling

When you start iwrite.4.life for the first time you will immediately recognize some familiar elements if you have used the predecessor - i*write - before. For example, iwrite.4.life uses the same transport controls and the same tabbed interface as i*write.

However, there are also some differences:

  • Category is now called Topic
  • There are now two organizing levels: Topic and InfoType
  • Category View is gone -> Use the Journal Content Tool instead and sort by Topic
  • Full Page Display is gone -> Use Print Preview to view all or selected journal items in one view
  • Past day tabs cannot be locked
  • There can now be an unlimited number of users per journal, all with their own passwords and access rights
  • The Month Calendar Tool is now much more flexible. Instead of displaying just one month you can now show as many as your screen real estate allows. On a large monitor you could see several years of journaling at a glance.
  • You can now start several instances of iwrite.4.life concurrently. This allows you to either have several journals open simultaneously or view several items of one journal side by side. Notice, however, that if you made changes to the same journal item in several instances of the program (not recommended) the last program instance that saves the item will "win", overwriting the changes of the other program instances.

Who is it for?

There is no change in direction here but rather an extension in line with the changed architecture (see above). Whereas i*write was conceived as a journal-writing tool for professionals (and iwrite.4.life continues to offer the same functionality), we have found that most people who use a disciplined journal-keeping approach in their professional lifes tend to also want to manage certain aspects of their private lifes in a similar way.

Areas that could profit from a systematic journal-keeping approach are for example:

  • Nutrition planning and monitoring (what and how much to eat?)
  • Exercise planning and monitoring
  • Things to do
  • Goals to achieve
  • Memories (Photo stories from your weekend trip, travel journals, your kids growing up...)

So if you can relate to such a systematic approach to managing not only your professional life but also some areas of your private life then iwrite.4.life is probably for you. If you're more into creative writing or journaling as an esoteric activity, you can still use iwrite.4.life but there are makers of journal software who are more into that and may offer you suitable solutions and advice.

At the end of the day, it's probably best to simply try it out. No cost - no risk!