About us

At Right Mind Logic we have one objective: To help our customers learn and improve what they do. If you are as passionate about continuous improvement and learning as we are it is a constant challenge for you to learn from your mistakes as well as from your successes.

If you're serious about learning, however, you need to be able to recall past experience. In today's world of information overload, you will only remember things you write down and find again later. But that's easier said than done.

  • How often have you misplaced notes with good ideas you jotted down? 

  • How often did you give up looking for information you knew you had written into a journal but just couldn't find? 

We have many times. We tried everything from collections of loose notes to paper journals to electronic organizers. We kept journals for professional as well as for personal use. And while we liked some aspects of all of these systems we would always come to a point where it became just too bothersome to navigate and view our own writings. 

Finally, we decided we've had enough. Realizing that keeping a journal is at the heart of continuous improvement we started developing our own journal software. While no software program can be a substitute for a discipline of writing we can at least support the processes of writing down and recollecting our experiences. This is how i*write™ came into being in 2002.

We received a lot of positive feedback about its then novel approach but it also became clear as the years went by that we wanted something that went beyond incremental improvements. That's when we decided to redesign the software from the ground up and completely rewrite it.

Yes, we thought we'd be a lot faster but we weren't. That's all forgotten now because iwrite.4.life™ is finally ready. Thank you for your patience!


 iwrite.4.life™ Write to learn.